Dast d.o.o. - Finalisation in construction, production, trade, import, export and service

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dastDAST d.o.o. - DAST ltd - limited liability company for finalisation in construction, production, trade, import, export and service.

Company headquarters are at: Bjelovar, Ivana Cankara 2

DAST ltd. is the exclusive representative of the Polish MARBET company and an official distributor of the Austrian RIGIPS company.

dastThe company is engaged in the following businesses:
- plaster interiors for residential and business buildings
- wholesale and retail of plaster panels and equipment for dry assembly from the Austrian Rigips company
- all kinds of polystyrene products of the Polish Market and Swipe companies
- sale of iron and screw merchandise
- isolation material (glass and stone wool) from the manufacturers UREA and ISOMER
- plaster edgings and decorations

Current account number:
Zagrebacka banka 2360000-1101209378

Telephone: ++385 (0) 43/251-970
Fax: 043/252-966
E-mail: dast1@bj.t-com.hr

Skype: dast1
Owner: Milan Stanković
Director/board member: Daniel Stanković

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dast dast

It is a pleasure to introduce companies which are well established on the European and world market. We are following our business goals for decades: the offer of top quality, aesthetic, long lasting and ecological products produced with modern technology.

For years we are focussing on foamed polystyrene, plaster cardboards and plaster products - a multifunctional materials with original features. This is a field in which we are most experienced and in which we have achieved a high level of specialisation, in the technological process as well as in worker education.

The company is closely specialized on the interiors of housing and business
premises with the Rigips system.
Adaptation of mansards, separation walls, plaster ceilings, decorative ceilings,
decorative plaster and polystyrene edgings, etc.
We reconstruct and adapt interiors of churches, hotels, mansions, banks, etc
(see reference list).

The names MARBET, RIGIPS, URSA and ISOVER have positive associations with our clients, while the success on our market proves us right in defining our goals.

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Dast d.o.o. · Finalisation in construction · I. Cankara 2, 43000 Bjelovar · Tel. +385 43 251 970 · Fax. +385 43 252 966