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Plaster are:
  • Ecologically acceptable
    Rigips panels have a plaster core, on both sides covered with special high quality cardboard.
    Plaster is odour free and contains no health hazardous materials because all the important features are won through ecologically clean procedures.

  • Good warmth regulator
    Thanks to the porous plaster core, plaster panels effectively regulate air humidity in rooms.
    It is well known that construction materials that are rich in macro-pores temporarily absorb
    humidity from the air and give it back later when the air becomes dry. That gives them features of climate regulators in closed rooms.
  • Non-flammable
    The non-imflamability of plaster panels is based on the good qualities of the plaster core. Plaster binds approx. 22% of crystal water within, which sums up to approx. 3 litres of water per square meter in a panel 15mm thick. In case of a fire that water acts self-extinguishing.
  • Comfortable for living
    Home comfort depends on the build in material. Construction materials with lover warmth conduct (e.g. wood, plaster) create a feeling of warmth and comfort. That's why plaster panels are an important factor of healthy living.
Plaster systems
  • Construction time and cost reduction
    Plaster systems enable for a quality construction from basement to attic with reduced costs. Light constructions lover the weight on load-bearing construction elements and installations are easily conducted through the hollow part of the wall with reduced cost. Dry construction guarantees shorter construction times and faster move-in times.
  • Warmth isolators
    If you don't live in a sunny climate, optimal warmth isolation is not a luxury but an important feature of healthy living. Here are materials, which slowly conduct heat, in a great advantage. Plaster-systems offer just that - good warmth isolation for the entire house.
  • Air sealing
    Plaster-systems offer a considerable noise protection. The double construction absorbs sound waves and degrades them with the slow vibration of big panels, while soft connections with other elements disable the effect of a sound-bridge. If the hollows are filled with stone wool, the construction becomes more massive and the isolator and the air-pockets in-between will absorb the remains of the sound energy.
  • Load-bearing
    Using the right equipment on plaster-constructions, different objects can be hanged on or attached to. The art of attachment depends on the mass of the object the equipment has to be prepared for. In most cases those are special hooks and plugs for hollow constructions. Simple construction adjustments enable for permanent attachment of greater weights.


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